Special Workshops for Adults

We do institutional or individual group works special for adults.

InfoVision; developed by Mark Komissarov in 1999 and later enriched by Mihaela Istrati, is a proprietary method named ''Developing a new approaching method in order to gather visual information. "

Direct Vision

It is actually an innate ability to perceive visual information without using our eyes. In other words, we can even learn to see while our eyes are closed by a mask or any obstacle.

A section of the studies made on adults about 3-D perception

Corporate trainings

Participants; wearing a mask that is impermeable to light, initially begin to see the main colors, then in time they begin to see images shaped as silhouettes after receiving theoretical knowledge during all the studies they make in our seminar. People who participate in the workshop studies regularly and who make the exercises have developments markedly in this potential.

Developments observed in participants so far

If you want to explore experienced emotions, the joy of success, unknown inner source, powers and of course your potential.

We are waiting for you.

Adult Education Program

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Individual Adult (Group Training)

Corporate Adults (Training Group)