Courses for Children

Group classes special for 5-12 age group

Children are our future

It is our responsibility as parents to provide them development opportunities and training that will help them build a better world.

Children learn to see with their minds in InfoVision workshops.

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We close children’s eyes        with an opaque mask.


Then we start playing games with them which are fun and empowering their intelligence.


While playing fun games, children start to ‘see’ the objects around them; to the point where they can read and while blindfolded.

But actually, children learn much more.

Our experience has shown us that the difference between children who succeed in life and those who struggle is not the IQ, nor the genes, let alone ‘luck’; rather, certain characteristics of the mind: attention, focus, and perseverance.

Therefore, we are using InfoVision as a powerful tool to educate children’s minds to develop the competencies needed to achieve performance.

Mihaela Istrati

Then what…

In studies to date, after the children gain this sensory perception, it has been seen that InfoVision has an incredible impact on the children's intellectual emotional and physical development and it triggers developments at all levels.



Increased IQ and EQ with direct positive impact on the school performance. At the same time, progress in every field of the "Multiple Intelligences."



His/her communication skills are developed, relationships are strengthened in both speech and the level of understanding.


Motor Skills

Children who have developing motor skills, become more successful, especially in areas that require physical skill.



All the parents who attended the workshop state that , the children have become more confident, having an increased sense of responsibility, depending on their task, calmer and more optimistic.


Emotional and Energy Levels

It has been observed that active children display more balanced attitudes and it has been seen clearly that more passive children make progress.


Learning disorders

Positive development on the people who have development and learning disorder. (ADD, ADHS, dyslexia, dyscalculia, etc.)



Significant increase in visual acuity



Increase in hearing

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