InfoVision for Children

InfoVision for Children

Children are our future. It is our responsibility, the parents, to provide them with the opportunity to develop and to receive the education that will help them build a better world.
One such opportunity is InfoVision, a method developed by Mark Komissarov in 1999 and later on enriched by Mihaela Istrati and registered for copyright under the name of “Methodology for developing a new approach for visual information cognition’.

What do children learn during the InfoVision workshop?
They learn to ‘see’ directly, with their minds.

How are we going to achieve this?
We cover the children’s eyes with a lightproof mask and then slowly while playing fun games, they start to ‘see’ the objects around them; to the point where they can read blindfolded.
But actually, children learn much more.
Experience has shown us that the difference between children who succeed in life and those who don’t is the IQ, nor the genes, let alone ‘luck’; rather, certain characteristics of their mind: attention, patience, and perseverance.
Therefore, for InfoVision, the ability to see directly with the mind is not the objective or the endpoint of the workshop; rather, it is a possible instrument in educating the mind to develop the competency needed to achieve performance.
That is precisely what children are taught during the InfoVision workshop: to develop the three mind characteristics mentioned above: attention, patience, and perseverance.
Wearing a lightproof mask, children learn to perceive the visual information from the surrounding world without using their eyes.

In other words, children acquire an extrasensory perception, and this has shown to have an incredible impact on their intellectual, emotional, and physical development, triggering improvements on all levels:

The explanation for all such benefits (and many more) is the fact that the brain of the child, following the workshop, starts using more areas of the brain that previously had been underused or even not used at all.
The workshop includes 8 classes of 1 hour each, on the same two consecutive days of the week over a period of one month.
Materials required:
a) The Mindfold mask ( or Amazon)
b) Coloured papers (red, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, violet)
c) Coloured cubes / cups / (geometric) shapes, etc.
d) Coloured pencils.
e) Puzzles, Lego games, etc.
We provide the parents with worksheets for their children to do during our classes and as homework. The exercises provided are meant to develop the children’s patience and sharpen their focus.
The classes are taught online, via Zoom.
The investment in the workshop is EUR 500/child (or the equivalent amount in USD).
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As with anything else, further training is needed for higher performance.