Cognitive Health Problems

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Sometimes some children's brains develop in a way that does not support their cognitive / emotional development due to really unexplained reasons. This prevents them from fulfilling certain actions they will need in their lives.

Signs of cognitive problems

When a child experiences one or more of these challenges, family has no other option than adapting to the situation and their lives begin to turn around their child with special needs.

Speech, communication and pronunciation disorders

Writing and spelling difficulties

Learning difficulties in mathematics

Distractibility and patience difficulty

Memory Problems

Inability of Cooperation

Lack of initiative and participation

Emotional instability

What is done normally?

Nowadays, diagnosis is put according to the problems that are observed from the children who are in these situations . Thereafter therapies are built for children to work on their underdeveloped areas

What is InfoVision doing ?

The first thing we do is giving an impulse to the child’s brain to repair itself as a start. We do this with InfoVision which is completely natural and unique method. We activate the child’s innate but rarely known brain ability in this way.

It has been observed that these children’s brain; who taught this ability, become more active (EEG). In the second stage after activation, the training about the skills which the child could not learn before begins.

And finally, in cooperation with the family, we will give all the support and love that the child needs… Problems remain in the past.

Mihaela Istrati

Focus, Discipline, Patience and Persistence

When this ability of brain is activated, major changes for intellectual, physical and emotional development begin and it triggers the extensive improvements.

Health problems that we have results concretely.

What do we teach?

Visual Impairment

We teach how to see to visually impaired or people who wear eyeglasses.

Hearing Disorders

We teach how to listen to deaf or people who use hearing aid.

Lack of attention

In this case, we ensure the acceptance of patience, focusing, emotional deprivation.

Motor Disorders

We teach to use his/her body correctly

Learning Difficulties

To encourage him/her to make mistakes and he/she does not have any harm.

Sleep Difficulties

We teach him/her silence


We teach the peace that calmness gives


We teach positive perspective for negative and alarming thoughts.

Cognitive Problems Participant Program

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Cognitive Problems (Individual Training)