Sensory Perception - Level 1

Sensory perception is the innate ability to perceive information (visual or otherwise) using unfamiliar, yet innate, channels and resources.

This class is an invitation to pursuing the deep and meaningful levels of our Being (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), hence the potential transformations can be tapped into if desired and the work is personally performed.

The exercises are designed to encourage and enable the mind and the brain to perceive information by engaging all of the senses, way beyond the usual range.

This comes with many potential benefits, which become apparent especially to those who persist in training also after the workshop:

  • Enhanced perceptions;
  • Increased awareness;
  • Increased IQ and EQ, with a direct positive impact on all of aspects of their life;
  • Potential natural activation of other extra-sensory perceptions (e.g. lucid dreaming);
  • Sharp focus;
  • Improved communication skills on the inter-relationship level;
  • More energy;
  • Self-confidence;
  • Improved personality traits, calm and optimism.

The workshop includes a number of 8 sessions, 1 session a week (so extending over a 2 months period), on the same day of the week. Each session lasts for 5-6 hours (depending on the number of attendees), with the students having to train on their own on a daily basis for minimum 2 hours.

The materials required are a lightproof mask and A4 colored papers (10 sheets of each of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet).

Intuition - Level 2

Participants learn to develop their intuition and ability to access the correct and full information that they need in any given context (personal, professional, etc.)

In other words, they learn to perceive the information directly, with the mind.

It is about activating and developing the 6th sense, which is more than intuition. It is an intuitive and sensory experience at the same time.

Intuition, from the semantics point of view, is defined as follows:

Intuition = The faculty of knowing or understanding something without reasoning or proof.

The key words here are ‘without reasoning’.

And here comes what seems to be or is considered to be a ‘paranormal ability’. The condition for the information to be accessed is that it is perceived ‘without reasoning’. In other words, when we want to ‘access’ a piece of information, the conscious mind has to be ‘quiet’. Just as with the other 5 senses, the conscious mind must not interfere with the operation of the 6th sense.

The conscious mind cannot forbid the intuition to ‘speak’. What it can do, however, is ignore the information perceived by this specific sense.

This is exactly what participants learn to do during this workshop: to no longer ignore the messages of intuition; to learn to trust their own ‘inner voice’ and relate to it as they do to the other senses; and, most importantly, to do so irrespective of what the analytical mind has to say.

The workshop has the same structure as the Level 1, with the participants having to practice between the sessions.

No materials are required.

Online Application

Cost per each Level - 1,250.00 USD

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