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Mihaela Istrati


Welcome to our changing world!

Life is changing as we have all been aware of. Some have been good, while others have given us opportunities for new decisions and directions with our personal and business lives.

This is my exciting opportunity to announce that my work has exceeded the previous sessions and groups performed in the past. Friends and former students know me for continuously exploring and implementing changes in my life, which reflects onto my work with groups and individual sessions. As a consequence, participants are receiving far greater transformations than anticipated with these innovative techniques I have been inspired to develop different from those initially developed by Mark Komissarov.

Therefore, I am continuing with my professional work growing and moving beyond my experience and skills of InfoVision, just as I accomplished when I was certified raising up to CoAuthor, and now exceeding to developing an academy of training levels for those interested in continuous self-improvement and ever deeper exploration.

My path is very different, in that I pursue the deep and meaningful levels of our Being (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), hence the potential transformations I know can be tapped into if desired and the work is personally performed.

This is the work I have been featured with in the documentary ‘Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible’.

However, those of you seeking to have the training of the blindfold mask as presented on the InfoVision media channels or elsewhere are invited to look for those practitioners that utilize that particular process. They can be located on internet media venues. I make no personal references in respect of those working in the field for liability purposes. I believe and support that it’s a personal choice for the individual seeking assistance in their changes.